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Blog publish date is 13/09/2021 News

GovS 007: Security

GovS 007 is part of a suite of functional standards that are being implemented across government. A government function is a set of core processes or activities carried out within a department or arm’s length body. Common functions include operations, human resources, information technology, finance and security. For activities within its scope, a function: sets cross-government strategies; sets and assures standards; develops capability; gives expert advice; drives continuous improvement and develops and delivers commonly required services. Functional standards are management standards which promote consistent and coherent ways of working across government and provide a stable basis for assurance, risk management and capability improvement.

GovS 007 sets expectations for the direction and management of security in government. It was launched for internal government trial in summer 2020 and is now being launched as version 2 in September 2021. It sits above, and is consistent with, the existing and forthcoming government security technical standards (including cyber, personnel, physical and information security).

All departments are expected to use the standard from the end of September 2021. Performance against the GovS 007 will be factored into existing assurance arrangements (such as the annual Health Check reports, AO system statements, etc).


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