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Insider Risk meeting
Blog publish date is 05/03/2024 News

NPSA launches Be Insider Risk Ready

NPSA encourage businesses to “Be Insider Risk Ready” under a new umbrella campaign being launched this week. The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the consequences of an insider event within a business. Sitting under this umbrella campaign is a recommended framework with supporting guidance, resources and tools that can help a business be insider risk ready.

Insider risk posters

Download the Insider Risk Ready umbrella campaign materials

Insider Risk Mitigation Framework

The Insider Risk Mitigation Framework provides a recommended approach to help your business to understand and mitigate insider risk. 

Insider Events: Communications Guidance

Being prepared is vital. NPSA have recently developed the insider event communications guidance to help your business’ preparedness so that you can effectively manage an insider event. This guidance has been created with insider risk experts working in partnership with NPSA customers to research how organisations currently manage insider events, how organisations structures work when an insider event occurs and has culminated in a communications guide for insider events which helps you Be Insider Risk Ready.

Insider Crisis Simulations

For businesses who want to train and test their processes or raise awareness about insider events through the lens of communications – we have designed with insider risk experts, crisis communication experts and behavioural scientists a series of specialist scenarios based on insider risk types – unauthorised disclosure, sabotage and physical harm (violence). These scenarios can be used to help your organisation understand how to manage insider events, how best to communicate both internally and externally, what that may look like from a reputational point of view and ultimately how to break down barriers and build bridges between teams. If you are interested in running a scenario please visit this page to learn more.

It's OK to Say

Alternatively, for businesses who are looking to improve their communication processes and adapt their organisational culture, we have the It’s OK to Say programme. This is a suite of  materials created to support the development of a robust and trusted reporting mechanism in your place of work. The materials help raise awareness to insider risk and will suggest how to effectively communicate to the workforce on this sensitive subject. As whilst it is true that “if you employ people, you have insider risk”, it is also true that your people can be your greatest asset. 

It's OK to Say

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[Female v/o]

In your place of work. Have you ever noticed someone acting in a concerning way or doing something they shouldn't?


Wondered if you should report it, but kept quiet to avoid causing problems or for some other reason?


Speaking up could keep you, your colleagues and your workplace secure and help people get the support they need


So, trust your instincts if things don't seem okay. It's okay to say.


What are some of the signs to look out for?


[Text on screen]

Someone acting in a concerning way


[Female v/o]

Has a colleague seemed more angry, nervous, upset or anxious than usual?


Or in need of support?


Is anyone showing signs of concerning behaviour like drinking alcohol to excess using drugs or gambling?


Have you noticed someone unexpectedly working later than usual or trying hard to be alone in the workplace?


Or has anyone been spending more money than they normally would or making sudden overseas trips, sometimes to unusual destinations?


Trust your instincts if things don't seem okay. It's okay to say.


[Text on screen]

Someone doing something they shouldn’t


[Female v/o]

Have you seen anyone looking around in or attempting to access unauthorized areas?


Has someone been trying to listen in to other people’s conversations?


Have you noticed anyone frequently leaving their computer unlocked when they shouldn't or attempting to view or access someone else's screen?


Or take photos of it then share those images or any other information on social media against organisational policy?


Trust your instincts if things don't seem okay. It's okay to say.


Remember don't keep quiet, if in doubt tell someone in a position of authority so they

can investigate it might be nothing, but it could be that someone has a welfare need or it could be a security threat.


So, by speaking up you could be helping a colleague or preventing a disaster.


It's okay to say.


[Text on screen]

It’s ok to say


[Female v/o & text on screen]

Spot the signs.

Alert someone

Your actions matter


[Female v/o]

They could help protect you, your colleagues and your organisation from harm.


[Female v/o]

To report concern


[Female v/o and text on screen]

Speak to your supervisor, team leader, line manager or senior manager.


If you have one, call your organisation’s anonymous reporting hotline or email your confidential reporting mailbox.


Report what you've seen to a security guard in your organisation.


If you’re a line manager, report it to your security team, HR team, welfare or vetting department


Or speak directly to the individual in question if safe and appropriate.


[Female v/o and text on screen]

Trust your instincts


[Female v/o]

If things don't seem okay


[Female v/o and text on screen]

It's okay to say


[NPSA logo]

If you would like to learn more about Insider Risk – please visit our Insider Risk Hub which contains all the information you might need to understand what we mean and how best to help your organisation.

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