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Blog publish date is 06/10/2022 News

A technologies code of practice for interoperable information

Organisations need reliable and appropriately secure information to support decision-making. In construction and asset management, software fails to facilitate this when information and data becomes ‘locked’ in an application. This can make it hard for supply chain partners to collaborate, and for asset owners to access the data they need to operate their assets.

The Technologies Code of Practice for Interoperable Information is being introduced to address this challenge. It will be developed by a working group with individuals from software developers, supply chain users of the software and client organisations, all participating in a voluntary capacity.  This work is being led by the Government & Industry Interoperability Group.

The working group would like to consider evidence on how industry software affects your ability to deliver and use interoperable information.

We are seeking tangible examples of how the current lack of interoperability affects your business operations – e.g. is it affecting staff turnover or your ability to win projects?

The draft code will be issued for consultation in early 2023; the first edition of the Code of Practice will be published in spring 2023. If you would like to be included in the consultation, please contact us via our enquiries form..

Funded by UK Government, the Government & Industry Interoperability Group is tasked with enabling the built environment industry to deliver and benefit from interoperable information during the whole asset lifecycle.

The code of practice will be improved by broad participation from across the built environment sector.


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Interoperability is the ability of two or more systems to exchange information securely and to use the information that has been exchanged



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