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Blog publish date is 17/03/2023 Security Planning

Introducing ProtectUK

In the last decade the threat of terrorism has evolved. The threat is very real, and can affect anyone, in any place, at any time.

When looking at the evolution of the type of threats the nation faces, we have seen that it has become less target focused, with recent attack methodology evolving from directed, large scale attacks, to low sophistication attacks.

This change of threat and approach means that we have to adapt the way in which we help to prepare and protect the UK. Everyone has the ability to help to counter terrorism, and through awareness and knowledge, you too can help to keep people safe.

Partnership is at the core of our work, and supporting us with our goal to further protect the UK, we formed the Counter Terrorism Alliance, a joint partnership between the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, the Home Office and Pool Reinsurance, a terrorism risk insurance company.

As an alliance, we have worked tirelessly with our partners to support businesses and professionals, regardless of their level of knowledge on counter terrorism, to prepare and protect. Recent events have tragically reinforced the need to increase awareness around counter terrorism security, and to further support businesses, organisations and individuals across the UK.

Through our joint effort, we are proud to introduce you to ProtectUK.

ProtectUK is the new, free to use counter terrorism and security hub, offering on demand access to authoritative guidance, advice and much more in one central location.

Throughout its development and with leading insight we have seen that guidance, advice and training can help businesses and their staff to improve their preparedness, resilience and protection against threats they may face, keeping staff and members of the public safe.

Terrorism can affect anyone. Keeping counter terrorism security at the forefront of businesses security protocols is important and being able to access key information on one single platform helps to make this knowledge easily accessible.

We understand that people learn in different ways and ProtectUK is committed to sharing our knowledge in a variety of interactive formats.

ProtectUK has incorporated the award winning ACT Awareness e-Learning onto the platform. Businesses have often signposted the ACT products as a key educational tool that has helped their staff be aware and react to potential threats at their locations, showing just how important it is for business and their staff to increase their awareness of counter terrorism best practice, and to ensure that they are security minded in all that they do.

With a lot of businesses and learning having moved to a remote or hybrid approach we wanted to further increase the accessibility of our content. With our webinar functionality, you will be able to gain insight into the world of counter terrorism from leaders across the industry, from our partners and academics when available.

Discussions and interactions between one another helps us to continue increasing our security mindedness. The forums on ProtectUK give businesses the opportunity to comment on timely topics, or ask questions that can help them to support their business security directly to industry leaders.


Preparation is a key element to help protect a business. We have developed a Risk Management Model, taking businesses through the 7 key stages that should be taken into account to help manage and mitigate the risks of terrorism. Included in the Risk Management Model are tailored examples of risk assessments, helping you to ensure that you and members of staff are following the correct internal checks to a high standard.

ProtectUK is an ever evolving platform, and one that requires your support to help shape its future. Through the platform you can share your feedback directly with the team, send suggestions for additional content and make requests for further guidance that you feel would benefit your business.

We have a range of assets available on the ProtectUK platform via our Digital Toolkit to support the promotion of the platform. To access the toolkit please visit

We look forward to welcoming you on this journey and want to thank you in advance for your support of the platform.

Through preparation comes protection. Plan to prepare and protect the UK through ProtectUK.

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