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The NPSA blog provides thought leadership, latest news and updates on protective security

Five Eyes launches the Five Principles of Secure Innovation

Blog publish date is 17/10/2023

MI5 Director General Ken McCallum, alongside his Five Eyes counterparts, launched the 5 Principles of Secure Innovation at an event hosted by Secretary hosted by Secretary Condoleezza Rice and FBI Director Christopher Wray on Emerging Threats, Innovation, and Security in San Francisco on Tuesday…

Be Insider Risk Ready

Blog publish date is 10/10/2023

Engage your people or face the security consequences. Find out how in our new guide: Insider events: A communications guide to reduce their impact

NPSA Changes to Insider Risk Definitions

Blog publish date is 22/05/2023

This blog outlines changes being made by the UK’s National Technical Authority (NTA) for personnel and people security specifically relating to insider, insider risk, insider threat and insider event definitions

If you have people, you have an Insider Risk: A David Smith case study

Blog publish date is 28/03/2023

If you have people, you have an Insider Risk: A David Smith case study.

Introducing ProtectUK

Blog publish date is 17/03/2023

ProtectUK is the new, free to use counter terrorism and security hub, offering on demand access to authoritative guidance, advice and much more in one central location.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems Guidance

Blog publish date is 10/02/2023

NPSA have released a series of animations for deploying Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)