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17. Search and Screening

Last Updated 14 September 2017

Your threat assessment and risk mitigation will give you a good idea of the likely risks posed by anyone entering your premises, and the possibility of postal and courier services delivering hazardous items. You will also get a good understanding of the precautions and mitigation measures you need to take.

A security policy that requires staff to wear identity/security passes at all times should form part of your mitigation measures for those entering your premises. Security staff should be encouraged to challenge those who not wearing a pass.

Consider whether you should have post and other deliveries managed and screened off-site. Questions you should ask:

  • Are mail, deliveries and visitors searched/screened in line with your identified threats?
  • What is the access control policy for staff and contractors?
  • Is your policy on staff wearing identity visible and widely communicated? Are staff encouraged to challenge those not wearing the correct identity?

A range of NPSA guidance is available to help you address the questions above: