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11. Secure Sharing of Information

Last Updated 28 January 2018

Sharing information inappropriately or carelessly can pose a significant risk to your organisation, leaving it vulnerable to theft, loss of data or improper use of information. Understanding how to manage information in a way that keeps it protected and secure is crucial.

Ensure that staff, contractors, suppliers and other organisations that handle (send, receive or store) your information are clear on their responsibilities to protect it securely. Issues to address:

  • Are your policies on information sharing clearly and effectively communicated with staff, contractors, suppliers and others with access to your information?
  • Does your policy cover all mechanisms for sharing information: email, removable hardware (disks or memory sticks), post, hard copy, mobile devices and in person?
  • Is there clarity on which information or data is critical to your organisation?
  • How is confidential information or data managed or stored? Is there clarity on how this information is handled and managed?

Follow the links below for guidance on the secure handling of information: