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13. Security Pre-Screening

Last Updated 24 November 2016

Pre-screening of employees, contractors and service providers should be included in your risk management approach as part of your overall organisation security strategy.

Pre-screening will help you to detect adverse information at the earliest possible stage, for example, making appropriate pre-employment checks on all prospective staff will uncover any irregularities in information they have provided.

Questions to cover as part of your pre-screening approach or framework:

  • Are pre-employment checks a standard feature of your recruitment process?
  • What level of pre-employment checks are made on contractors and service providers?
  • Are checks in proportion to the applicant’s access to secure areas/ information?

NPSA guidance to help your organisation address these questions is available via the links below:

Available on request - Take Another Look: ID Verification - a short DVD on the importance of verifying identity and authenticity of identity documents prior to recruitment. Send us your request using our contact form.