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Protector Plus

Category: Litter Bins

Protector Plus


Blast Resistant Litter Bin

BODY: 100% welded construction using automatic MIG vertical seam welders and turntable circular MIG welding. Exterior materials are ASTM A-653 galvanized steel except when stainless steel option is chosen and then the exterior wall is replaced with ASTM 304 stainless material. The base and all exterior welds along with all interior materials and welds are coated with Zinc Corrosion Resistant application. 

BLAST ABSORBING AND MITIGATING MATERIALS: Specified select Mill Test Report ASTM alloy steels with open cell patented matrix blast absorbing layers sealed within 100% welded containment.

DIMENSIONS: 29.25 inches (743 mm) outside diameter with a total height including the stainless steel spun top of 37.5 inches (953 mm). Legs may be extended up to 1.5 inches (38 mm) for raising or leveling. Interior dimensions are 20 inch (508 mm) inside diameter by 31 inches (788 mm) depth

EXTERIOR FINISH:  Stainless steel exterior with brush finish on an automatic polishing machine and final coated with stainless steel protectant. This stainless finish is suitable extreme environments, including salt air coastal areas.

LEVELING LEGS: Three 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) diameter, zinc plated, industrial legs with solid plastic bases use a simple three point leveling method.                           

ANCHOR: One 0.53 inch (.1.33mm) diameter stainless steel wedge anchor allows the Protector Plus bin to provide a patented single point anchoring system.

WEIGHT:  1550 pounds (705 kg).