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VibraSector - Barrier Mounted PIDS on Chain Link

Category: Detection Systems

Sub Category: Barrier Mounted Detection

VibraSector - Barrier Mounted PIDS on Chain Link


The system comprises a linear magnetic sensor cable (VibraTek VS) deployed along the fence line and connected via line modules to a VibraSector analyser.

The system has been assessed on a 100 metre section of galvanised chain-link fencing of 2.4 metres panel height plus a 3 strand barbed wire topping extending a further 450mm upwards. This system is approved with either cranked or straight mounted topping. The VibraTek VS sensor cable was installed in two horizontal runs of sensor the lower run at 1 metre above ground level, and the upper installed on the top strand of barbed wire. UV resistant cable ties were used to secure the sensor cable at intervals of 200mm.