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Sentinor Limited

Watercress Universal (water)

Category: Detection Systems

Sub Category: Water Hatch Detection

Standard Tested To: Hatch Detection Systems Evaluation Standard V0.1 Nov14

Watercress Universal (water)


Watercress Universal protects fixed water access hatches, from tamper and intrusion through the use of advanced detection algorithms and sensor technology.

Watercress Universal consists of a central processor running advanced analytics and recognition algorithms to mitigate against false alarm.  Confirmed alarms are automatically elevated by the processor and passed to the clients local on-site system via volt free contacts.  Transmission off site to the control room is via a separate dual path communications method. The system is fully expandable (8 inputs per unit), and can detect access point opening, the ingress of foreign liquids, alongside physical attacks including drilling and cutting.


Tested on a Technocover USH1/DV4/MV upstand hatch.