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Hostile Activity Mitigations

NPSA offers guidance on how to mitigate the impact of hostile activity. This may assist organisations seeking to review their risk assessments or update security policies against threat posed by a variety of hostiles, including those acting on behalf of foreign states

Last Updated 10 May 2024

The following guides provide an overview of the threat that state actors may pose. 

The threat that hostile activity by states and state actors poses can take many forms to help them achieve their goals. Whilst many threats relate to advanced cyber capabilities, state actors may also use bugs or close access technical attacks to gather information or interfere with activities. They may co-opt others (including proxies and insiders) to conduct activities on their behalf, which could include threats to people and assets. 

NPSA's threat page provides an overview on state threat.

The content on the listed pages provides a brief overview of the latest physical, cyber and personnel security guidance which may assist organisations seeking to review their risk assessments or update security policies in light of the threat posed by state actors during this time.

Organisations should also ensure that their business continuity plans are up to date.

Padlock being attached to fence

This guidance introduces the core underlying principles of NPSA's protective security methodology. 

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Guidance is also provided for organisations who may have people who are part of the organisation who are identified as high-risk individuals. This guidance considers the steps they can take to protect their people.

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High-risk individuals may be exposed to threats to their personal safety and security. If you consider yourself to be a high-risk individual, this guidance aims to help you protect yourself and your family from a range of threats. 

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Hostile reconnaissance is the term given to the information gathering phase by those individuals or groups with malicious intent. This guidance provides advice on how to deter and detect hostile reconnaissance. 

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The aim of this guide is to introduce the concept of security minded communications to help protect yourself and visitors from hostile acts.

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Effective incident management is critical to mitigating the impact of incidents at your organisation, site or premises and ensuring a swift and effective recovery. 

To report an imminent threat, call 999 or ring the police Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.

If you know something about a threat to national security, such as terrorism or espionage, contact MI5 online via their website or call:

  • Freephone 0800 111 4645
  • 020 7930 9000 (Standard call rates apply)
  • +44 20 7930 9000 (International calls only)
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