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Last Updated 21 May 2019


An insider risk programme should integrate effectively with the organisation's overall communications' strategy. Care should be taken to implement insider risk-related security campaigns at the right time and to avoid confusion with other communications messages. If the messages are communicated appropriately, such channels can be very effective education and training mechanisms.

Communications relating to lessons learnt and case studies can both be impactful to help educate the workforce after an insider risk incident. They can also help employees understand the reasoning behind new security policies and procedures. Such stories should be balanced with positive case studies to help instil confidence in existing procedures.

Additionally, in the event that an insider risk incident occurs, it is important to have in place a communications response plan in the event that external partners or the media require updating.

Many of NPSA's campaign materials are linked below. They can be edited to include your organisation's branding if required. Each set of materials is accompanied by a programme plan, which should be carefully considered to ensure an organisation gets maximum impact from the campaign.

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