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Security Education & Training

Last Updated 21 May 2019

Security Education & Training

Security education and training is required for all workers.  Without effective education and training individuals cannot be expected to know what policies, standards, guidelines and procedures are in place to maintain security.  The role of line managers in educating staff, setting an example and reinforcing good practice should also not be underestimated. Individuals need to be informed of:

  • the threats;
  • their security responsibilities;
  • how to report security concerns.

Bespoke education and training should be provided for job roles with specific security responsibilities such as:

  • Security managers across business areas;
  • Security Officers and guards;
  • Line managers.

Appropriate Security education and training should be provided at, but not limited to, workers induction.

While maintaining consistency of messaging, all manner of education and training delivery mechanisms available should be harnessed to ensure accessibility and engagement across the workforce.

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