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Security-Minded Communications guidance

Security-Minded Communications (SMC) is designed to disrupt hostiles during the reconnaissance stage of their attack planning

Last Updated 13 May 2024


Security-Minded Communications (SMC) is designed to disrupt hostiles and to make a hostile believe that if they were to choose your organisation or event as a place to attack, they will almost certainly fail.

Guidance documents

Security on Your Side

Security On Your Side is a newly developed Security Minded Communications (SMC) campaign designed to amplify the deterrent effect of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) measures. Designed with the every-day site user in mind, SOYS is a toolkit of communication assets, layered across a range of communication channels, that amplifies the HVM and other security assets that could be in place at your venue.

ACT Winter Vigilance campaign

Counter Terrorism Policing is encouraging organisations, venues and events to play their part in helping to keep everyone safe this summer. An Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) vigilance campaign toolkit is available on ProtectUK website.

Guidance for Educational Settings front cover

This provides tailored guidance for educational settings in the UK, enabling settings to utilise various communications channels to deny and deter hostiles from undertaking hostile acts against their school, nursery, college or university.

House with glass doors

This aim of this guidance is to introduce the concept of Security-Minded Communications (SMC) and encourage organisations to use communications to help protect themselves, their staff and visitors from hostile acts.

Virtual tour on a mobile phone

This document supplements the existing Security Minded Communications guidance and highlights the key protective security points to consider when creating virtual tours of your facilities.

2 hands reaching for each other

This guidance document provides information on the concept of Security-Minded Communications, which should be considered when publishing information for the public.

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