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See, Check and Notify (SCaN)

See, Check and Notify (SCaN) aims to help businesses and organisations maximise safety and security using their existing resources. Protect your organisation from a range of threats with SCaN training

Last Updated 27 February 2023

What is SCaN?

See, Check and Notify (SCaN) aims to help businesses and organisations maximise safety and security using their existing resources. Your people are your biggest advantage in preventing and tackling a range of threats, including criminal activity, unlawful protest and terrorism. 

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SCaN training empowers your staff to correctly identify suspicious activity and know what to do when they encounter it. In addition to this, the skills your staff learn will help them to provide an enhanced customer experience. It helps ensure that individuals or groups seeking to cause your organisation harm are unable to get the information they need to plan their actions.

See, Check and Notify (SCaN) explained

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For terrorists and other criminals to successfully carry out their plans, they need to gather as much information about their intended target as possible. 

This is usually done online and then in person, by visiting the place they want to target.

That presents us with an opportunity to identify their activity and disrupt their plans. 

See, Check and Notify, or SCaN, aims to help organisations, venues and events maximise safety and security by using existing resources to disrupt the information-gathering that terrorists and other criminals need to do. 

This free programme is delivered by our network of qualified trainers from Counter Terrorism Units across the UK and is for people at every level of the workplace.  

SCaN empowers staff to….

  • See – recognise what’s normal and what isn’t and to be vigilant for suspicious activity.
  • Check – use the ‘power of hello’ and friendly conversation to find out if activity is suspicious or not. 
  • Notify – know how and when to report suspicious activity and what to do if it’s reported to them by someone else.

These skills help disrupt the information-gathering and planning that terrorists and other criminals need to do. They can also help disrupt threats that may originate from inside an organisation.

The training gives staff greater confidence to approach and speak to people and to offer help where needed, which can enhance customer experience.

SCaN can be the difference between a terrorist, or other criminal, seeing an organisation, venue or event as a potential target, or perceiving it as too difficult and abandoning their plans.

It has been tested and shown to be effective by providing another layer of security at low or no extra cost and improving the coordination and application of security measures.

Research shows that people are twice as likely to report suspicious activity if they are confident that something will be done. SCaN delivers an enhanced customer experience by empowering staff and giving customers confidence they will be safe. 

We all have a role to play in defeating terrorism and keeping people safe. 

Together, we’ve got it covered.

SCaN modules

SCaN is free and has six modules, delivered by qualified trainers:

  • SCaN for all staff: Covers vigilance, suspicious activity and reporting. Available online through a new SCaN For All film with options for a 30 or 60 minute session that organisations venues and events can run themselves using our supplied facilitator notes. The ACT Awareness e-learning and 30-minute briefing for all of your staff remain available.
  • SCaN for customer-facing: A three-hour interactive course for staff who have direct contact with your customers and site users. It covers suspicious activity, vigilance, the power of hello and reporting.
  • SCaN for CCTV operators: A three-hour course for live monitored control room operators. It covers identifying suspicious activity, awareness of observational and judgmental errors and working with police.
  • SCaN for communications professionals: For staff working in communication roles, including internal comms, marketing, media liaison and digital. Starts with a 2 hours briefing, followed by a full-day workshop.
  • SCaN for security managers: A mentoring programme for security managers. It empowers them to create a difficult environment for individuals or groups seeking to cause harm to your organisation.
  • SCaN for decision-makers: A short briefing for senior executives.


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SCaN is not about spending more money on security measures or employing more security staff. It's about making simple changes and using the resources you already have more effectively.The enhanced customer experience will definitely benefit your organisation and this training could be the difference between your organisation being a target or not.

For more information on SCaN please contact your local Counter Terrorism Security Advisor.

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