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Threat Scenarios and Advice

Information and advice on the most concerning and relevant threat scenarios currently facing UK government and industry.

Last Updated 30 March 2021

Business Security Advice

Businesses can reduce the risk to themselves, their employees and customers by remaining vigilant, being security minded and having good security measures in place. A small investment in security measures helps to protect businesses against crime and make the work of terrorists and State Threats more difficult.

In addition to our own advice and guidance provided on this website, further advice on business security measures can be obtained from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), a specialist police organisation that works closely with NPSA. Dedicated Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSAs) are located in each of the UK's regional police forces. They provide protective and counter terrorism security advice to support businesses and reduce their site's vulnerability to terrorist threats. The advice they provide takes into account both conventional and non-conventional terrorist techniques. The CTSAs work closely with other police forces throughout the country, Government departments and other agencies.

To obtain contact details for your nearest CTSA, please see your local police force's website.

Travel Advice

Terrorism is a worldwide threat. Terrorist groups abroad have been known to attack foreigners and places where tourists may gather, such as hotels, transport systems, night-life areas and landmarks.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides security advice for UK citizens who travel or live abroad.


Guidance A security threat is the intent and capability for a threat actor to take some adverse action against you. Threat assessments provide judgments on how likely this is to happen and the methodology threat actors are most likely to use.
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