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Tools, Catalogues and Standards

NPSA publishes a range of tools, catalogues and standards to help evaluate and select measures that will effectively address actual needs

Last Updated 06 April 2021

When thinking about physical security measures there is a temptation to go straight to market and find products which claim to address perceived security issues.

A methodical process of assessing risks and determining requirements for security measures should be followed. NPSA has developed guidance for the development of both high level and detailed security requirements.

Clients of NPSA will have direct access to the resources mentioned below, along with training in their proper use. These tools should not be further distributed without prior approval from NPSA.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), also offers a range of advice related to physical security.


Standards are used to set a common goal during specification and supply to ensure that there are clear requirements for products or services. Standards in security are very important but care is needed to ensure that the standard specified is suitable for a given situation.

NPSA draws upon a wider range of publicly available standards at national, European and international levels. These are available from the British Standards Institute (BSI), e.g. BS EN 1063 Bullet Resistant Glazing.

NPSA, in collaboration with the BSI, has developed a range of Publicly Available Standards (PAS) covering different aspects of physical security measures.

NPSA also has its own standards, and draws on other ‘closed’ standards, the details of which are controlled and only made available to those with a specific need.

Catalogues and tools

NPSA produces a range of catalogues listing approved security measures for a range of applications. These are listed below and their distribution is controlled.

Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE)

A good reference point when thinking about physical security equipment is the CSE. The CSE is designed to help security managers choose and recommend appropriate physical security furniture and equipment to protect the assets for which they are responsible.