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Trusted Research


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The UK has a thriving research and innovation sector that attracts investment from across the world. Trusted Research aims to secure the integrity of the system of international research collaboration, which is vital to the continued success of the UK’s research and innovation sector.

Trusted Research Guidance for Academia trusted-research-academia Learn More

Whether you hold sensitive medical data or commercially sensitive information, protecting your research is important to you, your institution and your partners.

Campaign Materials Campaign Assets Learn More

As part of the current Pride and Joy campaign, we have produced a range of materials for partner organisations that will support them in their Trusted Research journey.

Trusted Research Guidance for Senior Leaders TR for Senior Leaders Learn More

This guide accompanies the Trusted Research booklet and is designed for senior University leaders to have the key issues and questions at their fingertips.

Trusted Research Guidance for Countries and Conferences TR Countries and Conferences Learn More

For academics who are involved in international research collaborations this provides guidance on some of the main challenges presented when working or travelling overseas.

Trusted Research Guidance for Industry International Strategy Learn More

If your research is obtained by a state-backed actor, whether through legitimate means or not, you and your research could be affected in a number of other ways.

In 2021, 60.4% of UK research outputs had an international co-author

The UK is the third-largest research output producer globally after China and the US, respectively

The UK’s most frequent collaborative research partners from 2018 to 2021 were the US, China and Germany

From 2018 to 2021, collaborations between the UK and China grew by 34.7%, compared to just 8.2% and 8.9% with the US and Germany, respectively

84% of research organisations surveyed by ARMA have begun to adapt their processes in response to the additional risks of Trusted Research


Downloadable Guidance

  • Trusted Research Guidance for Academia

  • Trusted Research Guidance for Senior Leaders

  • Countries and Conferences Guide

  • Trusted Research Checklist for Industry

  • Trusted Research Guidance for Industry

  • Implementation Collaboration Checklist

  • Trusted Research Evaluation Framework

  • Trusted Research Evaluation Framework - user guide