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Adopting a Security-Minded approach - digital game

NPSA advocates a 'security-minded' approach to the implementation of all digital engineering tools so that built environments, assets, products, services, individuals or communities, as well as any associated information, are protected

Last Updated 08 February 2023

Test your knowledge of sensitive assets with NPSA

Not all aspects of assets in the built environment are sensitive. But would you know which were benign and which posed security risks when designing a building or infrastructure?

If you are designing, building or maintaining piece of infrastructure that is a potential target for hostile actors, some elements will be of particular interest to those actors, and others less so.

Engineers need to consider the sensitive attributes of traditional hardware such as CCTV, as well as physical infrastructure like bollards and barriers to mitigate attacks by hostile vehicles. They also need to think about the features which control access to areas of assets not accessible to the public, for example doors and electronic locking mechanisms. But, would you be aware of sensitive aspects of assets which most people would not automatically consider to be security features, for example the steel structure of a building? 

Adopting a security-minded approach

A security-minded approach encompasses personnel, physical and cyber security as well as a clear governance structure with good accountability and responsibility to mitigate security risks. The approach can be adopted at any point in the lifecycle of an asset, but with new assets it should be built in as early as possible as this can save more expensive measures being required at a later date. 

NPSA has developed a new game challenging players to pinpoint security sensitivities in two hypothetical scenarios on the street and inside a building. It enables players to determine which elements of assets are sensitive and need to be protected in an appropriate and proportionate way, and which are benign. 

Once you've tested your security sensitivities knowledge, why not start implementing a 'security-minded' approach today by:

  1. Undertake a security-minded review of your project or existing asset
  2. Planning a security-minded toolbox talk
  3. Making security mindedness part of your induction process
  4. Having a security-minded moment as a regular feature of your meetings
  5. Making sure you have a security strategy and management plan for your project or asset
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