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Think securely
about your business

Supporting business leaders to operate securely with overseas parties


340,500 UK businesses trade internationally and global demand for British goods and services continues to be strong. Learn More

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies suggests that cyber espionage could cost 1.5% of a country's GDP.


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The US estimates that the cost of counterfeit goods, pirated software, and theft of trade secrets and could be as high as $600bn. Learn More
An open approach to international business and engagement should include measures to protect your long-term profitability, reputation, and the national security of the UK. Learn More
International Strategy Learn More

Good governance and proactively considering security in business plans with overseas parties sets the tone of your risk appetite.

Considering the Risks Learn More

Developing a risk based plan to doing business with overseas parties is essential to ensure success.

Working with Government Learn More

Being aware of government’s business screening requirements will allow you to be mindful of any national security threats.

Effective Mitigations Learn More

If implemented early enough, mitigations will be a necessary part of risk management when doing business with overseas parties.

Decisions you make should be well-informed

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3 Steps to Mitigate Risk

  1. Which risks can be mitigated?
  2. How can it be mitigated?
  3. Will it remain effective over time?

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Protective security considerations

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