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Physical Security

Effective physical security of an asset is achieved by multi-layering different measures. The concept is based on the principle that the security of an asset is not significantly reduced with the loss of any single layer. Each layer of security may be comprised of different elements of interdependent systems

Last Updated 29 January 2021
The Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE) is available to help security practitioners to identify appropriate physical security equipment
Guidance Vehicle-borne threats range from vandalism to sophisticated or aggressive attack by determined criminals or terrorists
Guidance Good general physical and personnel security measures will contribute towards resilience against CBRN incidents
Guidance Electronic attack of physical security systems is the means of carrying out a localised cyber-attack specifically on the security system. This can be to corrupt data, open a portal or disable alarms
Guidance It is vital to make certain that robust preparation and planning is undertaken to assess the risks that UAS pose to your site or organisation
Guidance Marauding terrorist attacks are fast-moving, violent incidents where assailants move through a location aiming to find and kill or injure as many people as possible
Guidance Fire as a weapon (FAW) is the deliberate use of fire within a terrorist attack with the intent to cause harm. This may include causing harm to people, premeditated damage to property, or a combination of both