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Crisis Management for Terrorist Related Events

NPSA has partnered with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) to deliver best practice guidance for communications professionals on the preparation and management of threats from hostile actors

Last Updated 27 February 2023

The 38 page guide features a communications toolkit designed to help PR professionals mitigate the harmful effects of terrorist incidents on brands, businesses and communities. The guidance encourages professionals to be wary of the diverse threats facing organisations; from left and extreme right wing terrorism to cyber crime and hacktivism.

The document is informed by NPSA research based on interviews with 30 communications heads and security professionals from 24 organisations that have experienced a terrorist-related incident. The research found that the success of communication is often determined by the strength of security culture within the organisation. As a result, the guidance encourages PR professionals to align closely with the security function as part of crisis preparations.

The flowchart below sets out the key considerations for the planning, handling and recovery stages of a crisis.

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