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Insider Risk

What it is and why it matters

Last Updated 04 January 2024

People are an organisation's biggest asset, however, in some cases, they can also pose an insider risk. As organisations implement increasingly sophisticated physical and cyber security measures to protect their assets from external threats, the recruitment of insiders becomes a more attractive option for those attempting to gain access

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Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the topic, there are things you can do to help get fully prepared. With research, partnerships and intelligence, NPSA guidance provides a recommended programme, tools and guidance, to help organisations prevent, manage and recover from an insider event

Insider Risk

If you're new to the topic, get started here with this helpful insider risk overview

Insider Risk

Access NPSA’s tools and resources here to increase your insider risk-readiness

Learn the Basics

Quick-start your understanding with these easy explainers

man silhouette at window

Insider risk explained

Speak a common language with our Insider Risk definitions 

people in office

Personnel security: a 6-step guide

Stay secure throughout the employee journey

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Ten steps to risk assessment

Ten important steps to mitigate insider risk


Step-by-step advice to implement protective security measures

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Communicating insider events

Discover how crisis communications can reduce the impact before, during and after

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Ongoing personnel security

Help your organisation develop and plan effective practices for countering the insider threat

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Employment screening

Deter, detect and deny those seeking to harm your organisation 

Education and Resources

Improve your insider risk readiness with these practical materials 

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Insider Risk Mitigation Framework

What components to include in an effective insider threat programme

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Digital learning modules

Springboard your learning through these bitesize learning modules 

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Insider crisis simulations

Build collaboration and readiness, by practising your team’s insider response

What's new

Stay abreast of the latest developments in insider risk 

Are you ready for an insider event?

13/11/2023 - Insider Risk

Test your team’s crisis preparedness with new insider event crisis scenarios

people around a table behind shattered glass

NPSA launches new communications guidance

10/10/2023 - Insider Risk

Crisis communications best practice to reduce the impact of insider events with actions to take before, during and after an event. 

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NPSA changes insider risk definitions

22/05/2023 - Insider Risk

Build a common understanding with new insider risk terminology. 

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If you have people, you have an insider risk: A David Smith case study

28/03/2023 - Insider Risk

Insider events are increasing. Learn from recent examples to help build your readiness.

David Smith
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