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Insider Risk

People are an organisation's biggest asset, however, in some cases, they can also pose an insider risk. As organisations implement increasingly sophisticated physical and cyber security measures to protect their assets from external threats, the recruitment of insiders becomes a more attractive option for those attempting to gain access

Last Updated 30 March 2021
People are an organisation’s biggest asset but in some cases they can also pose an insider risk
The NPSA PerSec maturity model has been designed to specifically assess an organisation’s personnel security maturity
Guidance Strong security leadership can ensure you have effective security strategies
Guidance Understanding what security risks your organisation faces is essential for developing the appropriate and proportionate security mitigation measures
Organisations require robust employment screening policies and procedures
Develop and plan effective practices for countering the insider threat and maintaining a motivated, engaged and productive workforce
Monitoring and assessment is an essential element of good personnel security
Ensure organisations are better equipped to avoid common pitfalls and maintain trust
Guidance This guidance provides an overview of the fundamentals of Insider Risk Management. This will enable you to get the most from NPSA advice.
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