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Responding to Terrorist Incidents – Security Control Room Operators Course

The SCR course will help prepare you and your organisations – acting fast will save lives

Last Updated 07 May 2024

Over the coming weeks, NPSA will be releasing a series videos. These are the experiences of some who have attended the course.

The sort of threats that would figure high on our security risk assessment will be vehicle as a weapon, bladed knife attacks, it would be that sort of thing that we would be looking to prevent.

Security control room is the glue that holds every aspect of our security focus together.

I want to make my teams as ready as I can so that if anything did happen they are prepared. 

They setup a control room, they setup the environment, they make it as real as they can.

There are little nuances that come through the training that they can quickly correct it really was about gaining that confidence.

The guys looking at things differently after doing this course, they genuinely do.

The benefits are really seen there when you go into the control room now the people that have gone through that course now are just far more confident.

Every venue could be a target nothing, prepares you for a terrorist attack as much as that course did.

SCR course - venues


Birmingham NEC


Responding to Terrorist Incidents – Security Control Room (SCR) Operators course was designed after deficiencies in organisational preparedness to attacks were identified in post incident reviews, exercises and simulations.

The course is specifically designed for operators who work in security control rooms within national infrastructure sites, academia, government and crowded places/public premises and events. It is also valuable for those directly responsible for the SCR operators.

The course offers world-first immersive exercises that simulate multiple terrorist incident scenarios, enabling delegates to practice decision-making in real-time, as if in a real control room and covers:

  • Attack timelines
  • Preparedness
  • Detecting an Attack
  • Command and Control

The five day course hosts a small number of delegates at a time (maximum 24) to enable delegates to get the most out of the experience, supported by expert trainers.

SCR course

Managers course

The one-day Managers Course is for managers or individuals with overall responsibility for Security Control Rooms and incident management.

Research has identified that most deaths and injuries occur within the first few minutes of a terrorist incident. The research has also shown that the performance of the SCR can be improved by following the guidance developed by NPSA.

Further information

All courses will be run from a venue in the Bedfordshire area. Please continue to check out our LinkedIn and YouTube channels for updates on the course.

For more information about the course and to enquire about attending please use the QR code or website link below.

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