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Protective Security Management Systems

Last Updated 31 March 2021
NPSA has produced guidance known as Protective Security Management Systems (PSeMS). PSeMS supports a proactive approach for assessing and managing holistic security risks. It's designed for senior leadership teams and security managers.
PSeMS raises the profile and importance of security at all levels across your organisationIt establishes the need for senior management support, review and oversight promoting the need for security investment Having an accountable manager at board level, your senior management teams will see the benefit of having security governed, resourced and managed.
As with all management systems, PSeMS provides for goal-setting, performance measurement and planning. It focuses on maximising opportunities to continuously improve security and the system itself.  It is not all about implementing new processes, but ensuring exisiting processes are fit for purpose and optimise a holistic approach to security.
PSeMS guidance does not replace ISO Standards but should be used as a gateway to other existing Industry Standards and regulatory frameworks, accreditation and certification schemes.
The suite of products available are for senior managers and security practitioners to put in place PSeMS.  The guidance includes:
  • What is PSeMS?
  • A self-assessment PSeMS checklist designed to conduct gap analysis and/or assurance activities.   
  • Organisational case studies illustrating benefits and best practice.
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