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Secure Innovation

National Protective Security Authority

If you run a tech business, it may be vulnerable to attack. Secure Innovation is here to help. Download our Quick Start Guide for simple steps to embed strong security practices in your business today

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What's New

Incident Management
Incident Management

 NPSA have published two guidance documents for developing a dispersal plan and a quick guide to developing incident plans for small businesses

Preparing and Responding to a Chemical, Biological or Radiological (CBR) Incident

New Preparing and Responding to a Chemical, Biological or Radiological (CBR) Incident guidance for security professionals.

The Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill

On Tuesday 7 November, the King's Speech announced The Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill - known as Martyn’s Law - is set to become law.

Security-Minded Communications
Security-Minded Communications guidance

New guidance has been published for educational settings in the UK, enabling settlings to utilise various communications channels to deny and deter hostiles from undertaking hostile acts against their school, nursery, college or university

Security campaigns
Five Eyes launches the Five Principles of Secure Innovation

MI5 Director General Ken McCallum, alongside his Five Eyes counterparts, launched the 5 Principles of Secure Innovation at an event hosted by Secretary hosted by Secretary Condoleezza Rice and FBI Director Christopher Wray on Emerging Threats, Innovation, and Security in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Working with NPSA

Click on each of the below videos to find out about the experiences of existing customers from the following sectors:

Research and Academia

We work with universities to develop guidance on how to undertake research safely and securely

Emerging Technologies

NPSA can help the emerging technology sector operate securely and safely

Canary Wharf

We can help those working in and around public premises and events

Engineering and Manufacturing

NPSA can help you protect your science and technological advantage

Featured Guidance

Secure Innovation
Secure Innovation

Navigate the emerging technology landscape securely. This is a joint campaign between NPSA and NCSC

Insider Risk Mitigation Digital Learning
Insider Risk Mitigation Digital Learning

This digital learning will provide you with a solid foundation in this subject area and can act as a springboard to NPSA's extensive guidance on helping your business effectively manage insider risk.

Think Before You Link
Think Before You Link

NPSA has launched an innovative new app allowing users of social media and professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to better identify the hallmarks of fake profiles used by foreign spies and other malicious actors

Supply Chain Guidance
Supply Chain Guidance

Guidance to help businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes secure their supply chain. This is designed to help you embed security across every stage of your supply chain and to protect your business from supply chain attacks. Created in partnership with CIPS

Security Campaigns
Security Campaigns

Trusted Research aims to secure the integrity of the system of international research collaboration, which is vital to the continued success of the UK's research and innovation sector