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Last Updated 19 July 2023

Use  our general enquiries form to send questions, comments or feedback.

You can also view responses to some of our frequently asked questions.

Please note that we do not have a press office. Journalists should contact the Home Office press office if they have an enquiry about NPSA.

Please use these contact details if you have a question about recruitment. If you would like to work for NPSA, roles will be advertised on the MI5 website.

NPSA will not reply to rude or abusive emails, calls or letters and reserve the right to cease communication. Any persistent communication that is deemed abusive will be escalated accordingly.

NPSA will only email you through an official government email address, ending with ‘’.

Check the Privacy, Cookies and legal information page for further information about the use of cookies.

Useful Contacts

If your information relates to an imminent threat-to-life or property, please contact:

  • Police: 999
  • Anti-Terrorist Hotline: 0800 789 321
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