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Data Centre Security

Guidance for data centre owners and users. You should use this guidance to inform your own risk management strategy that is unique to your organisation’s needs

Last Updated 08 March 2022

Data Centre Security: Guidance for owners and users

This guidance has been broken up into audiences. To get started on the npsa and the NCSC data centre guidance, decide whether you are a data centre user or a data centre owner and click on the appropriate button below.

Data centre security

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Data Centre Security: Guidance for owners and users

Data centres are attractive targets for a range of threat actors who may target the data they hold to obtain intellectual property, personally identifiable information and other commercially sensitive data.

Today however, threats to data centres don’t just come from cyber attacks…

Threat actors can attack data centres from multiple angles.

Targeting weaknesses in data centre ownership, physical security, people security, supply chain  security and cyber security.

If we are to protect data centres from these kinds of attacks…

We need to take a similarly holistic approach to data centre security...

Holistic data centre security considers the various areas of risk from which attacks can originate and factors these into an overarching risk management strategy. The areas of risk you need to consider are:

Data centre ownership and location
Physical security
People security
Supply chain security
And cyber security

If you are a data-centre owner...

This guidance is about protecting your data centres’ reputations, revenue and customers from the threat of attack.

Use this guidance as a guide to the key security considerations you need to make to keep your data centre resilient and protected.

If you are a data-centre user…

This is about keeping your sensitive data protected in the data centres you rely on, so you can safeguard your customers and your reputation. 

Use this guidance as a checklist of the security measures you can expect the data centres you rely on to have considered to keep your information safeguarded.

You may also want to implement additional security measures in any co-located facilities you use.

To get started…

Read through the rest of the guidance on this page. You can then go into more depth via the tool which layers up holistic security considerations piece by piece.  

Thank you for your support.