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Blog publish date is 14/11/2023 Personnel Security

Are you ready for an insider event?

Regularly testing your crisis communications ahead of an insider event helps build collaboration and resilience. To help teams do that in a safe environment, NPSA has created immersive crisis scenarios for different types of insider event, starting with unauthorised disclosure. ​

These free-to-use resources help everybody get insider risk-ready. Inspired by real events, each pack provides all you need to manage a crisis simulation within your organisation and apply the learnings back to your team. ​

Designed to foster collaboration and break down organisational silos, participants will imagine they’re in charge of a fictional company when an insider event strikes. Each pack includes a crisis plotline, facilitator notes and a series of materials to prompt action, discussion and reappraisal. ​

Effective communication can help reduce the impact of an insider event.  With this immersive learning, NPSA is helping everybody get more insider risk-ready. For more information, view here.


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