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Blog publish date is 04/08/2022 Personnel Security

Is your business match fit to deny, detect and deter Insider Activity?

 “It won’t happen here”.  “We have a robust screening programme in place”.  “Our workforce is loyal”.  “We would know if someone was up to no good”  

Unfortunately, all the above statements will probably have been said by someone prior to an insider incident occurring within their business. 

We are in a rapidly changing world: business operating models continually evolving to enable efficiencies, new hybrid working arrangements and cost of living outweighing salary increases. All of which has the potential to lead to uncertainty and impact upon people’s behaviour and actions in the workplace.  Would you be able to recognise and mitigate counter-productive activity before it leads to an insider act in your business?  

Investing in your Business’ Insider Risk Mitigation Programme can help develop a strong system of protective measures. But there are often questions, such as, where does my organisation start and where do I invest that limited resource to make this happen? How can I make sure those who are involved have the relevant knowledge, training, and guidance to support them in their role? As a senior how do I know what my role is within the programme and have a broad understanding of what an effective programme should include?  

You can stop looking any further for that expensive advice and training programme to support you in this area. NPSA, the UK’s National Technical Authority for Physical and Personnel Security has published a series of nine digital learning modules, all of which are underpinned by NPSA’s ongoing and extensive research into Insider Risk. The modules, all free of charge, will provide you with a solid foundation in this subject area and can act as a springboard to NPSA’s extensive guidance, helping your business to effectively manage Insider Risk.     

Each module lasts between 10-20 minutes and can be viewed at an individual’s own pace. However, we do recommend all the modules are completed to gain the best all round knowledge of Insider Risk Mitigation. The learning is available on NPSA’s Website under Learning & Resources.

We hope you can participate in this excellent learning and support your business in reducing Insider Risk.   

Together we’ve got it covered. 

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