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Blog publish date is 17/10/2023 Security Planning

Five Eyes launches the Five Principles of Secure Innovation

MI5 Director General Ken McCallum, alongside his Five Eyes counterparts, launched the 5 Principles of Secure Innovation at an event hosted by Secretary hosted by Secretary Condoleezza Rice and FBI Director Christopher Wray on Emerging Threats, Innovation, and Security in San Francisco on Tuesday. These 5 principles are grounded in our Secure Innovation campaign:

Director General, Ken McCallum said:

“The Five Eyes is the world’s oldest and most significant intelligence alliance. The strength of our partnership saves lives in our countries and around the world. 

Across all five of our countries we are seeing a sharp rise in aggressive attempts by other states to steal competitive advantage.

This contest is particularly acute on emerging technologies; states which lead the way in areas like artificial intelligence, quantum computing and synthetic biology will have the power to shape all our futures. 

We all need to be aware, and respond, before it’s too late.

So today we’ve jointly bolstered security across our five nations by offering practical steps organisations can take to keep themselves safe.  At the same time, in the UK, we are launching NPSA’s Secure Innovation guidance.”

NPSA and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) co-created Secure Innovation with the emerging technology sector to help protect innovative tech startups and spinouts when they are potentially at their most vulnerable. For many founders, the experience of running a new company may be stressful and bewildering enough without having to think about security. But taking just a small amount of time to focus on security now will pay off and make your security measures more effective and cost-efficient in the long term.

The first step on this journey is to download our Quick Start Guide, which has been designed to help founders and leaders to implement better security measures as quickly and as simply as possible. Taking the right steps now will enable them to embed good security practices from an early stage, making a business more robust, as well as more attractive to investors.

Don’t leave it too late to protect your innovation! Find our more at

What are the five Principles of Secure Innovation?

1. Know the Threats

Understand the way state-backed and hostile actors could try and get hold of your technology.

2. Secure your Environment

Create an effective system for security risk management, incorporating risk ownership, identification, assessment, and mitigation.

3. Secure your Products

Build security into your products from the start, and actively protect and manage your intellectual assets.

4. Secure your Partnerships

Manage the risks that partnerships with investors, suppliers, and collaborators can bring.

5. Secure your Growth 

As your company grows, manage the security risks from entering new markets and expanding your workforce.

Five principles


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