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Gallagher Security (Europe) Limited

Command Centre + High Security Controller 6000

Category: Access Control Equipment

Sub Category: Automatic Access Control Sytems

Standard Tested To: Automated Access Control Systems v1.2 (June 2022)

Command Centre + High Security Controller 6000


Gallagher Command Centre is an advanced physical security system, integrating access control, intruder alarms, perimeter and third-party systems into a single user interface with detailed reporting capability and scalability options. The High Security Controller 6000 enforces security policy set in Command Centre and reports on local security events, with authenticated and encrypted communications to connected sensors, alarm terminals and readers.

Note: Core components form the “assured product”. Peripheral components are products utilised during an evaluation to demonstrate functionality and security of the assured product. Peripheral components are not classed as part of the assured product unless specifically stated.


Core Components (The assured product)

  • Gallagher Command Centre and configuration client software (from version 9.00)
  • Gallagher High Security Controller 6000
  • High Security Cabinet and PSU
  • Gallagher CAPSS license (Note: this product is an NPSA CAPSS Assured product) - click here

Peripheral Components (products utilised to facilitate the evaluation of the assured product)

  • Gallagher T20 UK High Security Reader (Note: This is an NPSA Assured Reader - click here)
  • Gallagher T15 and T20 Readers
  • 2 x FIDO2 Workstation keys