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Crittall Fendor Ltd

Fendor CellGuard 02


Category: Window Protection

Standard Tested To: MTAS V1.0 (External Perimeter)

Fendor CellGuard 02


This glazing system has been designed for use in police custody environments, but offers a solution for other applications where secure glazing may replace window bar sets to achieve improved aesthetic appearance and light transmission.

CellGuard 02 is housed in an outer frame profile of 72.5 mm wide (including a 22mm wide flange retaining the glazing cassette) by 20 mm deep.  The rear frame was 50 mm by 24 mm deep.

The product tested with the weight of the glazing with frame was 65 kg/m2


Product Updates

22/09/2023 Discontinued: Product is no longer available