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Halo80 Plus

Category: Litter Bins

Halo80 Plus


The Halo80 Plus does not need to be attached to the ground to fulfil it's blast protecting duties. This saves time and money during installation, and means that personnel and infrastructure protection can be in place quickly with minimum disruption. Blast protection has been enhanced from the standard Halo80 to provide more protection from large quantities of explosive and fragments.  Characteristics are; 360° protection from blast and fragmentation, reduces blast overpressure, easy efficient emptying, very low maintenance cost , large litter capacity using standard refuse sacks, self draining for external use, covered option and available in a variety of colours.

Specifications HALO 80 Plus
Dimensions Height: 800mm / 32"
  Diameter: 580mm / 23"
Weight 220 Kg / 484 lbs
Volume 80 Litres / 18 gal