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Rhino Systems Ltd

Ultimate Personnel (Double leaf outward opening doorset)

Category: Doors, Tubestiles, Turnstiles and Locking Hardware

Sub Category: Building Security Doors

Standard Tested To: MFES v1.0 (Building Fabric) - MTAS v1.0

Ultimate Personnel (Double leaf outward opening doorset)


Double leaf outward opening plain leafed steel doorset comprising multiple layers of material.

Summarised on the following drawing/document(s) available from the manufacturer:
733-20-01 – GA Page 1 of 15 (Revision 1) - General arrangement.  
Rhino Ultimate Personnel Double Leaf Doorset Installation Instructions. 

The doorset suits a 2254 mm high by 2000 mm wide structural opening. Its total weight is approximately 623 kg, while each leaf weighs approximately 263 kg.
A larger version of the doorset, suiting a structural opening measuring 2900 mm high by 2000 mm wide, has also been demonstrated to achieve the same protection level.