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Public Premises and Events: Guidance for Managers Responsible for Security

Guidance covering a wide range of topics that will help keep your public premises and events safe and secure, intended both for security managers and other managers whose responsibilities include security

Last Updated 30 July 2023

As National Technical Authority for Physical and Personnel Security, a key remit of NPSA is to ensure that those responsible for security at public premises and events have access to the information and tools required to enable them to understand the terrorist threat and the risk it poses to their premises and its operation, and to identify and implement effective mitigations. As such, our guidance products should assist those responsible for security at public premises and events with complying with the Martyn’s Law.

perimeter of building

Guidance explaining the different locations (outside the perimeter, at the site perimeter, within the perimeter, within buildings, etc) where security measures can potentially be implemented, and how NPSA’s principles of Deter, Detect and Delay, Mitigate and Respond, supported by a security plan, will help to frustrate and disrupt an adversary's attack timeline (from planning through to execution of an attack).

Please note that while much of this content refers protection of “assets” and utilises the example of a generic site, many of the principles and approaches apply equally to protection of people at public premises and events.
barbed wire fence

Detailed guidance on a wide variety of physical security measures with a particular emphasis on their effective implementation, including for example: hostile vehicle mitigation, search and screening, automated access control systems, CCTV, control rooms.

busy crown on stairwell

Detailed guidance on personnel and people security, covering a wide range of topics spanning countering hostile reconnaissance, managing insider risk, building an effective security culture, and optimising people in security (including ensuring a motivated and effective security workforce).

guard at monitors

Guidance on how to plan and prepare for an effective response to a terrorist incident, spanning operational considerations for incident response and command and control (including training for security control room (SCR) operators) through to strategic aspects of crisis management.

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