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The Register of Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES)

The RSES promotes excellence in security engineering by providing a benchmark of professional competence

Last Updated 29 November 2023


The Register of Security Engineers & Specialists (RSES) has been established to promote excellence in security engineering by providing a benchmark of professional competence, against which its members have been independently assessed.

RSES is sponsored by the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) and administered by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Membership Division.

RSES offers potential clients and insurers the assurance that members have achieved a recognised competence standard, through a professional review process. Members of RSES are required to accept a code of ethics and have commitment to Continuing Professional development (CPD).

A list of companies employing members of RSES is available from the ICE website.

Who should join?

Registration is open to engineers, applied scientists and specialists who works in security. Although many applicants will be professionally qualified this is not a requirement for membership of RSES.

Security Engineering is broadly defined as:

'The design and application of physical, personnel and cyber protective security measures to protect assets and operations against malicious attacks such as terrorism, espionage and crime.'

To register

To become a member of RSES you are required to possess a sound understanding of scientific / engineering  / technical principals coupled with experience of providing advice on Security Infrastructure in the general security environment or one of the specialist fields.

Those who are registered are entitled to use the descriptor 'Member of RSES' in their professional correspondence.

Categories of registration

Candidates may apply as either a General Security Advisor (GSA) or as a Specialist Security Advisor (SSA) at one of the three levels which are broadly equivalent to engineer Technician, Incorporated or Chartered status.

If you apply as a GSA you will need to demonstrate a broad experience of Security Engineering. If you apply as an SSA you will need to demonstrate specialist expertise in one of the following areas:

  • Protection against the Effects of Weapons
  • Protection against the Effects of Blast
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • CBRN
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Protection against Forced Entry
  • Explosives and Weapons Search Detection
  • Force Protection Engineering
  • Digital Built Environments
  • Personnel Security (Insider Threat)
  • Personnel Security (Behavioural Detection and Disruptive Effects)
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures 
  • Countering Threats from Uncrewed Aerial Systems 

Once an expression of interest has been received you will be invited by the ICE to make a full application. As part of this process a Sponsor (who is a member of RSES) is required to support your application. If you do not have a suitable Sponsor, you should contact ICE for assistance.

Further information, including RSES guidance on membership and registration can be found on the RSES website.

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