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Search Guidance

How to get the most out of your search results

General Guidelines

You can start searching by entering a keyword(s) in the search bar located on every page of the website. As you start typing, a dropdown may appear displaying the most searched keywords entered by other visitors on the site based on your search. If you don't see any suggestions, it means you are the first person to have typed that term into the search field. The search tool is not case sensitive, so you will get the same results whether you type 'Security' or 'security'.

This gives good search results at a broad top level. In addition to this, you can use advanced search options which can speed up your search. More details on how to use the advanced search can be found below.

Advanced Search - Wildcard Search

If you need to find a word that you are not quite sure how to spell, you can use the asterisk as a special character (*) at the end of your search keyword to get all results starting with the letters you provided before the asterisk.

E.g. Searching for car* may return car, carriage, cartoon.

Advanced Search: and/or/! Search Operators

By default, when you enter a list of keywords separated by a space, the search will try to find items containing all of the words ('and' type of search), and may return very few or no results. If you want to see results containing at least one of the words, you should separate the words with "or".

E.g. cyber security or hacker attacks - This would return a result for pages that either contain the words 'cyber' and 'security', or 'hacker' and 'attacks'.

If you want to find content that contains specific words but at the same time, exclude any pages that contain another work, you can mark the excluded words using exclamation mark in front of them.

E.g. video security !CCTV - This would return a result for all pages that have the words 'video' and 'security' but don't contain the word 'cctv'. If CCTV is mentioned on the page anywhere, it will be excluded from the results. You can even combine all three operators to get more targeted result.

E.g. video security or CCTV !webcamera


Advanced Search: Exact Phrase Match

When you put a word or phrase in double quotes, the results will only include pages with the same words in the same order as the ones inside the quotes. Only use this if you're looking for an exact word or phrase, otherwise you'll exclude many helpful results by mistake.

E.g. "chemical threats"

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