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Carrier Fire & Security (UK) Ltd

15 metre AM PIR - PQ15 AM

Category: Detection Systems

Sub Category: Passive Infrared (Indoor)

15 metre AM PIR - PQ15 AM


The Guardall PQ15 AM passive infrared detector provides 15m wide angle (approx.90°) detection coverage with look down zone designed for indoor use. Can be wall or corner mounted between 2.1m and 2.5m high.

The detector incorporates anti-masking and an automatic self test feature.

Size: 135.5(h) x 55(w) x 50(d) mm

Weight: 0.150kg

Detection Range: 15m

Operating Voltage: 8 - 16.0 volts DV

Consumption: 3.2mA(quiescent)

<10mA (LED illuminated)

Alatm Output: Solidstate Relay 30 volts DC/100mA

Detection Coverage: Volumetric