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Carrier Fire & Security (UK) Ltd

16 metre AM PIR - EV1116AM

Category: Detection Systems

Sub Category: Passive Infrared (Indoor)

16 metre AM PIR - EV1116AM


Passive Infra-Red Motion Detector with maximum tested range of 13m.

Detection Coverage: Volumetric

Detection Range: 13m

Anti-masking must be enabled

If a separate alarm channel is not used for anti-masking detection this output must be wired in series with the tamper output

Dip Switch Settings

Anti-masking always signalled – DIP SW 1 set to off

Anti-masking sensitivity set to six seconds-DIP SW 2 set to on

Anti-masking reset set to 40s-DIP SW 3 set to on

Anti-masking output set to alarm & anti-masking outputs-DIP SW 4 set to off

Walk test LED disabled-DIP SW 5 set to off