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Chubb Systems Fire & Security Ltd t/a Chubb Systems

ADACS+ Assure

Category: CAPSS Approved

Standard Tested To: CAPSS - Version 2: April 2015

ADACS+ Assure


The Chubb Systems ADACS+ Assure is a PC based fully integrated security and information management system.

ADACS+ Assure is fully scalable from a single site connected by a local area network to multiple sites over wide area networks.

Zone Management Units (ZMUs) are the system data controllers, providing access control functions with local intelligence and additional alarm input and output capabilities.

ZMUs are securely networked to the ADACS+ Assure system controller to produce a fully integrated and expandable access control system.

ADACS+ Assure provides a fully functional access control solution which supports:

·         A wide range of advanced reader technologies

·         Biometrics

·         Anti-passback (global and timed)

·         Emergency evacuation with site mustering

·         ID badge production

·         Location reporting

·         Time and attendance reporting

·         Machine generated closed PIN allocation

·         Photographic monitoring image validation

·         Built-in system integrity monitoring

·         Remote multi-site management.

Product Updates

05/01/2022 This product was recertified against CAPSS - Version 2: April 2015 (Scenario 1) for a further 2 year period from this date