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Carrier Fire & Security (UK) Ltd

Advisor Advanced

Category: Detection Systems

Sub Category: Control and Indicating Equipment

Advisor Advanced


Advisor Advanced is an Integrated Intrusion System allowing a wide range of peripheral devices to be added for maximum flexibility.  The product family has 3 variants allowing 32, 128 or 512 Detectors, that can be configured for between 4 and 64 independent areas.  Detectors may be assigned to specific Area(s), and each Area can have a specific user interface if required. User credentials (Secure Mifare card and/or PIN) are secure and encrypted between all components of the system.

Submitted Items:

ATS1500A-IP-MM       32 Zone control panel, 4 Areas

ATS3500A-IP-MM       256 Zone control panel, 8 Areas

ATS4500A-IP-MM       512 Zone control panel, 64 Areas

ATS-MM-TK                 Rear tamper microswitch (required for ATS1500A-IP-MM for Grade 3)

ATS608                        8-way input expander, Plug-on

ATS626                        16-way output expander, Plug-on

ATS1201E                    8 Zone expander, 3A Smart PSU, Medium case

ATS1204E                    8 Zone expander, 3A Smart PSU, Extra-large case

ATS1210LE                  8 Zone expander, plastic enclosure

ATS1211E                    8 Zone expander, small metal enclosure

ATS1202                      8 Zone expander card (internal)

ATS1136                      Secure Mifare Keypad with EV1/EV2 card reader

ATS1180                      Secure Mifare DESFire EV1/EV2 card reader

ATS1181                      Secure Mifare DESFire EV1/EV2 card reader (with keypad)

ATS1184                      Secure Mifare DESFire EV1/EV2 card reader (with keypad, compact, square)

ATS1740                      RS485 databus isolator/repeater (internal)

ATS1744                      RS485 databus 4-way isolator/splitter (internal)

ATS1810                      4-way relay output card (internal)

ATS1811                      8-way relay output card (internal))

ATS1451                      Secure EV2 ‘sail’ keyfob - pack of 5

ATS1452                      Secure EV2 clamshell card - pack of 5

ATS1455                      Secure EV2 PVC card - pack of 10

ATS1457                      Secure EV2 ‘teardrop’ keyfob - pack of 5

ATS1458W                  Secure EV2 white silicone wristband - pack of 5

ATS1458B                    Secure EV2 black silicone wristband - pack of 5

ATS1459                      Secure EV2 ultra-robust keyfob – pack of 5

ATS1482                      Mifare configuration card for ATS118x readers