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AML – InfoStroyer 101 Desktop Destroyer


Category: Secure Destruction - Equipment

AML – InfoStroyer 101 Desktop Destroyer


The AML InfoStroyer 101 is a Desktop Destroyer with an internal Vacuum System. It is perfect for the destruction of Data from CD's, CD-R's and CD-RW's, Blu-ray & DVD’s.

The InfoStroyer 101 scrapes off and removes the entire top and or bottom layer of a CD, rendering it absolutely useless and free from all Data Media. The particles are vacuumed into a disposable bag.

The InfoStroyer 101 is fully automatic and uses a very quick 4 second destruction cycle. In the event of a power failure the Disc can be manually ejected in the event of power loss. The unit can be supplied with a Transport Case or 12v Emergency Battery Backup Options.

Product Updates

03/06/2019No longer available to purchase.