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Gallagher Security (Europe) Limited

Command Centre & High Security Controller 6000

Category: CAPSS Approved

Standard Tested To: CAPSS 2021 v1.1

Command Centre & High Security Controller 6000


Gallagher Command Centre is an advanced physical security system, integrating access control, intruder alarms, perimeter and third-party systems into a single user interface with detailed reporting capability and scalability options. The High Security Controller 6000 enforces security policy set in Command Centre and reports on local security events, with authenticated and encrypted communications to connected sensors, alarm terminals and readers.

Core Components 

  • Gallagher Command Centre
  • Gallagher High Security Controller 6000
  • Gallagher CAPSS license

Gallagher Command Centre delivers a security solution supporting: 

  • Access Control
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Perimeter sensors
  • Credential management and encoding 
  • Site visualisation and control Integration interfaces 
  • Automated policy compliance enforcement 
  • Emergency response
  • Multi-Factor authentication
  • Remote site monitoring
  • SCIF Installations

Product Updates

18/01/2022 In December 2020, as per good security practice, Gallagher notified customers of a compromise of the default key in their Command Centre / Desfire and Mifare Plus token and reader products, and issued software updates to mitigate the vulnerability. This compromise will affect anyone that is using the default encryption key. Products tested by NPSA must use diversified keys (i.e. a different key for each card) and must use a unique site specific key for each installation (i.e. not a default key). Therefore the NPSA assured product (along with the Gallagher GovPass option) will not be vulnerable to this attack.
22/01/2022 In January 2021 Gallagher Command Centre v8.40 has been certified against CAPSS - Version 2: April 2015.
01/03/2022 This product has been tested against the new CAPSS 2021 v1.1