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Prima Stealthguard Door

Category: Doors, Portals, Turnstiles and Locking Hardware

Sub Category: Building Security Doors

Standard Tested To: MFES and MTAS V1.0

Prima Stealthguard Door


The Prima Stealthguard doorset is a 43 mm thick steel door leaf. The door is hung in a Zintec frame on three stainless butt hinges.

Total weight (single leaf) excluding locking hardware: 30 kgs/m2.

Fully lipped on all four edges with a 1.5 mm Zintec frame, single rebate door frame (100 mm to 250 mm deep).

Frame has a 15 mm rebate all four sides and is available with DDA compliant neoprene sealed threshold detail.

All outward opening doorsets must have a minimum of three hinge bolts with a minimum of 20 mm engagement.

Single leaf doors - 1200 mm max width x 2875 mm high.

Double leaf doors - 2600 mm max wide x 2875 mm high.