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Gunnebo UK Ltd

RotaSec HS90SC

Category: Doors, Portals, Turnstiles and Locking Hardware

Sub Category: Turnstiles

Standard Tested To: MFES v1.0 (External Perimeter) - MTAS v1.0

RotaSec HS90SC


Single full height rectangular turnstile with a semi-cuboid chassis.

The turnstile incorporated a rotor, with four columns of equi-spaced paddles (6 paddles in each column) set at 90 degrees to each other.

The turnstile is described on the following documents available from the manufacturer:

- RotaSec HS90SC (Issue A, 03/2017) - RotaSec HS90SC technical specification.

- GUK O&M Manuals RotaSec HS90SC (Revision A) - HS90SC installation operation and maintenance manual.

- GU-HS90-Layout Unit cw Privacy Panel (8/4/2015) - Layout - Unit complete with privacy panel.