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USH/DV4/MV - Maxi-Vent DV4/MV Upstand Cover

Category: Hatches

Standard Tested To: MFES V2.0

USH/DV4/MV - Maxi-Vent DV4/MV Upstand Cover


Single leaf galvanised steel upstand access cover with ventilated outer frame and secondary inner lid, as summarised on the following drawing/document(s) available from the manufacturer:

- USH1-DV4-MV-GA-01 (Revision A) – General arrangement.

- USH/DV4/MV/FIT-01 (Revision dated 05/01/18) – Installation instructions.

The access cover is designed to protect a 762 mm by 610 mm aperture.

The access cover is secured using an Abloy PL362 padlock.

Specifiers and end users that deviate from the size and features stated, do so at their own risk.