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Public Premises and Events: Guidance for Senior Leaders

Guidance for organisations’ senior leaders, highlighting the importance of senior leadership in achieving effective security

Last Updated 30 July 2023
Passport to Good Security cover

NPSA’s Passport to Good Security for Senior Executives sets out the key themes for best practice and provides relevant prompts for the actions you need to take as part of your strategy. It will help you to identify, assess and mitigate the threats to your organisation.

Protective Security Risk Management

This comprises a number of steps from identifying protective security priorities (principally protection of people in the case of public premises and events), through understanding threat, assessing risk, formulating a security plan, implementing physical and personnel security mitigations, and review.

Marauding Terrorist Attacks image

A suite of guidance on making your organisation ready for Marauding Terrorist Attacks (MTAs), it provides details of the simple measures that can be taken to minimise the impact of an attack, and includes overview guidance for senior managers.

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See, Check and Notify (SCaN) training can empower your staff to correctly identify suspicious activity and know what to do when they encounter it.

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Many front-line security roles are subject to regulation by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). This document provides a summary of SIA licences and their relevance to different roles in protective security.

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Guidance on ensuring that new-build (and refurbishment/retrofit) projects consider embedding security from the outset of planning – rather than as a costly and difficult to implement overlay late in the construction phase. 

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