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SCaN further information

Last Updated 09 September 2021

SCaN for All Staff

Covers vigilance, suspicious activity and reporting. Available online through a new SCaN For All film with options for a 30 or 60 minute session that organisations venues and events can run themselves using our supplied facilitator notes. The ACT Awareness e-learning and 30-minute briefing for all of your staff remain available.

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SCaN for Customer Facing

A three-hour interactive course for staff who have direct contact with your customers and site users. It covers suspicious activity, vigilance, the power of hello and reporting.

SCaN for CCTV operators

A three-hour course for live-monitored control room operators. It covers identifying suspicious activity, awareness of observational and judgmental errors and working with police.

SCaN for security managers

A mentoring programme for security managers. It empowers them to create a difficult environment for individuals or groups seeking to cause harm to your organisation.

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SCaN for comms professionals

For staff working in communication roles, including internal comms, marketing, media liaison and digital. Starts with a 2 hours briefing, followed by a full-day workshop.

SCaN for decision-makers

A short briefing for senior executives.

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